How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads

There are many ways to generate leads for your network marketing business.

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One of the most effective ways is to have your own blog. This will allow you to start branding yourself and positioning yourself as a leader. You can blog specifically about MLM, Network Marketing and anything related to the home business industry. Give tips on how you build your business and provide training material and videos and offer helpful information and tools that other Marketers will be able to use to help them in their business.

You want to focus on selling yourself, not just your business. People who are looking for the financial success and security that can be achieved working from home are looking for leaders that will help them. Therefore you want to promote yourself as someone who can help them achieve the success they desire.

You also want a place on your blog where people can opt in for more information. Otherwise once they leave they might not return and you have lost that potential business partner or customer. So a basic web form that offers some kind of Free Gift or access to valuable information to help them will encourage them to opt in with their name and email address. It is important to remember that people are slow to part with their details these days and you will have to make your offer especially tempting to collect a lot of leads.

Then you will need to have a good autoresponder in place to do follow up. This doesn't exclude you emailing them or calling them yourself. Your prospect wants to know you are a real live person there to help them. They have already opted in for more information, and these calls are much more rewarding and pleasant to make rather than chasing after people who didn't ask about your business in the first place!

Depending on what type of advertising methods you use, it will take time to build a large list, and it rarely happens that people join your company immediately. In the meantime you can be building a relationship with them and if you have a marketing funnel in place they may purchase the affiliate products that you use yourself and recommend to them. This allows you to create income streams from your leads regardless of whether they join your primary business, and some of this money can then be re-invested back into your business so that overtime it will begin to grow bigger and faster.

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