One hour nesting

My stomach is always in knots with new placements as I run through the emotions of the what they are going to be like, what issues will we need to overcome, are we going to love them only to loose them, will this be our forever child, etc??? I can only explain it as the nesting phase that all expecting mothers have only on Turbo-Speed!

Youve been waiting for the phone to ring. Days, maybe even months go by. At every silent moment in the day, you wonderWill we get a placement call today? Is my phone even working?

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Then, you're super busy at work or preparing for the evenings events when the call comes in you look down realizing you don't recognize the number, Hello!

A caseworker is on the other end. She gives you a bit of info, answers some of your questions, and asks if you can take the baby. You give your husband the brief recap and make sure it's ok. He says, YES! and you accept the placement.

Well finish up paperwork and be there in about an hour, the caseworker says before hanging up the phone.

You start praying Lord, please help us to be all you need us to be. Thank you so much for this new little one you've blessed us with. Lord, please help us to help her and give her everything she'll need Oh my goodness, we don't have.

You start a mental to-buy list We need baby soap, more bottles, clothes. You realize the crib was taken back apart since the last little one grew out of it.

Babe, can you set up the crib real quick while I get the rest of the stuff together?

You rush home and run inside to start preparing. You throw your stuff on the counter then turn back when you realize there are people coming, and it looks like a tornado hit your kitchen! (It, well you, did). You quickly throw the purses and bags in the front closet (out of sight) then run upstairs to pull out pajamas for the new arrival. Oh, where did I put those extra diapers?

Nausea sets in and even though you know it's nervousness, you chalk it up to having forgotten to eat dinner. Then, you realize you have no formula and hope they will bring enough to get you through the night. Nope. Cant risk it Babe, will you please run to the store to pick up a can of formula? Oh and grab some more diapers while your there.

Then you think, hmmm I don't even know what size will fit.

Just grab a package of 2s and 4s please oh, and some wipes and soap. Dont forget the soap. I'll make you a list.

Youre marking off your mental checklist as you jot down the items he's going to pick up from the store. He heads out, and you sit down for a moment.

How long has it been?

Why aren't they here?

Hope everythings ok!

Crib sheets! I need to get the sheets on the bed. You run upstairs, pull out the sheet and the soft new pink blanket you purchase on sale last month. Rub it to your cheek and wonder

What is she going to be like?

Oh, I can't wait to hold her rock her.

I wonder how long will she stay? Its going to be so hard when it's time for her to leave I don't want her to leave!

Then, you realize you haven't even laid eyes on her, and you're already worried about loosing her. You take a deep breath, lay the blanket in the crib (secretly pray you won't have to let her go) then turn to make sure you actually put the pajamas on the changing table earlier. You wonder how much longer before your husband gets back with the diapers and ding-dong the doorbell!

You rush downstairs open up the door and lay eyes on the most beautiful baby girl you've ever seen. You take her car seat from the caseworker; quickly unsnap her out so you can hold her.

We will need you to sign these forms. the caseworker calls you back to business. Its been a long day and she's still got more to do before calling it a night. You just want to hold the baby but you have to put her back down to get the forms done. Just a few more minutes , you whisper to the baby (although you are really telling yourself). As you're placing her back in her seat, she fusses. Your attention is totally hers again. The caseworker offers to hold her while you sign the forms. You scribble quick signatures on dozens of forms. Paperwork is done! The caseworker hands you back your precious baby girl and heads out the front door.

Let the journey begin!

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