This week in Astrology...

Archangel Michael is with us again this week, as we continue riding the New Moon's energy in Sagittarius and healing from our past, which provides opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings! I see Archangel Raphael with us as well, ready to help us release energies or thought patterns that no longer serve us. This is a great week to detox and quit anything that is weighing you down, be it chemicals, alcohol, junk food, cigarettes, the Internet, or any addictions to negative patterns or behaviour like drama, co-dependencies, etc. Time to imagine ourselves as the positive and powerful vibrating souls that we are, and to walk our talk!

We are also reminded that any difficult situation that presents itself to us can be viewed as something positive, as a reminder to step it up a notch or to take another path, to change something in our lives. Rather than focusing on the pains and sorrows that certain experiences can bring, let's ask ourselves WHY events that appear negative show up in our lives, especially on a repetitive basis. What you perceive as "bad luck" can simply be looked at as a call to change something in your life. And because such things can provoke stronger than usual energies around us, we are reminded to shield and protect ourselves, as we continue to focus on our path and our positive goals.

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Archangel Michael mentioned last week that a new cycle was beginning, and he is reminding you this week again of the urgency to move forward, to ascend to a new, higher way of thinking and being. With immense love, he encourages you this week to take action: to go ahead and quit that cigarette, to start on that project or new business plan. If you've dreamed it or thought about it a lot, then it most likely IS what you are meant to do.


Visualize Success

With the New Moon's energy still upon us, now is a wonderful time to think about what you would like to create for yourself, what positive changes you would like to see in your life. Imagination is your friend! Visualize what you wish to see, what you wish to create, and take action steps to manifest this into reality: first, trust that you CAN achieve whatever it is that you want! Set your intentions on making your dreams a reality by keeping a visual board or reminders around. This type of exercise allows you to constantly be reminded of your goals. Then, imagine you are already living this dream. Feel it, touch it, see it in your mind. The key is to believe that it has already happened, that you are living it! Ask your angels to help set things in motion for you to guide you along the highest path for the greater good or better. Have faith that while you work on achieving your goals, your angels are working too. Be open to signs and synchronicities, and welcome new opportunities and any help offered to you on your path.


Heal Away Addictions

When we embark on new adventures or focus on new goals, we must also focus on healing the past, or else patterns and old behaviours can creep up on us and spoil new plans. I see Archangel Michael and Raphael with us, ready to help with releasing anything we would like healed. If you have felt nudges or signs to quit or detox from certain behaviours or chemicals, now is a great time to start! You are guided and protected! It is no coincidence that this card shows up right after "Visualize Success". This is your week to finally start clearing the old and makin way for the new you! See yourself in your mind cleared away of any addictive burden or behaviour, feel how light you are, and trust that you CAN do this! Ask Archangel Raphael to assist you in ridding yourself of these addictions, and set your intentions on achieving your goals. Your angels can help with anything: changing the tastes so you no longer enjoy some foods, drinks or chemicals that used to be pleasant, helping you raise your self-esteem, fiddling with your Internet connection if you want to break free from any social media/Internet addictions, numbing down the effects of certain chemicals, or and I am strongly feeling I should point this out as a warning provoking a stronger than usual reaction, to help you open your eyes and turn a new leaf. You are as powerful as your angels and archangels! They can help you with anything, but you must first choose to free yourself from what no longer serves you, and take appropriate actions. Therein lies your power! Your angels are simply there to help and make the process easier, if you ask, but this is all you! I am sent so much love and compassion! Archangel Michael knows how sensitive you are, and how choosing love over fear can be a difficult thing for us all. He is bowing in our honour, and wants us to know he is there, always. There are hundreds of thousands of angels at your service at all times, waiting to help you! You are as powerful as you believe yourself to be! With that, I see him raising his left arm in the air and sending rays of purple light to all of mankind.


Shield Yourself

Being sensitive is a gift! Do not dwell on the negative energies that you receive or hear, but rather imagine a bubble of light surrounding you, protecting you. Allow yourself to detach from other people's drama while remaining in your loving aura and in total compassion for others and for yourself. Archangel Michael tells me there have been and will be stronger energies felt in the coming days, and reminds us to always protect ourselves, to align with the positive and to glow, inside and out, to be a light for others instead of absorbing lower energies. Shielding is an important tool for anyone who is sensitive or who tends to absorb other people's energies. I am feeling a great sense of urgency as I write this, as though the time for ascending to higher knowledge, higher vibrations and higher positive energies is now. These strong energies, I am told, are there to help us confront our fears, our deepest desires, and to release. Archangel Michael: "One must not complain about these feelings, but instead see the positive clues behind what you consider to be negative experiences. You must detach, and take a compassionate look at what is troubling you, at what provokes strong reactions in yourself, at what makes you angry, sad or upset. Why are these things happening, other than to question yourself or provoke life-changing turn of events? There are great things coming your way, dear One, but you must first clear yourself of anything that is holding you back, and sometimes certain unpleasant events or situations are there to do just that."

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