How Double Click Blueprint Has Helped Me

Taking action is another BIGGIE in Rob's book. Do not become paralyzed by the, I know, here it comes, wait for it, paralysis of analysis. As Nike used to say in their ads 'Just Do It'. That is most applicable to internet marketing. You just have to grab the bull by the horns and got for it. A well thought-out plan is helpful, but implementing that plan as quickly as possible, is imperative.

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In Rob's course, he used the article writing business to show us the process of a full business cycle. It is a relatively short cycle, when compared to a lot of other businesses. In the course, we actually went through a complete cycle, with Rob.

  • We created a product the market already wants. In this case, the article writing service.
  • We wrote an article for Rob, using the techniques he taught us.
  • We submitted our articles to Rob and he gave us a testimonial and paid us for our article.

So, you see how simple a business cycle can be. Now, each of us, that chose to do so, has our own article writing service up. This includes a sales page that Rob helped us set up. It is also complete with testimonials that our fellow students wrote for us, after we supplied them with articles, we wrote. Those lucky enough to have articles written for them, can now monetize that work.

The training we received is applicable beyond article writing. The techniques and lessons that we learned, while looking at THIS business model, can be applied to ANY business.

In conclusion, having mentored with Rob Canyon, I feel that I have a much better understanding of what I need to do, going forward to be successful as an entrepreneur, both online and offline.

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