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A lot of people who like to shed some extra pounds are wondering about how effective 5 meals a day to lose weight is. Those who have tried it can attest to it's great effect but still there are lots of people who think that nothing can be more effective in losing weight than reducing their calorie intake. This is such an unhealthy practice because this method will only deprive you from eating the foods you want at the same time has a negative effect on your metabolism, which only cause your body to starve. What we don't know is that when our body is starving, only fewer calories are burned and it makes the body go hungry even worst. In such case, all your efforts to starve and restrict yourself from eating are useless. Instead of stressing yourself out because of disappointment, the best way is to try the method of eating 5 meals a day to lose weight.

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How can the "5 meals a day to lose weight" method be effective in losing weight? It's simple! Small but frequent healthy meals give a lot of benefits that will definitely help you lose weight and reach the best fitness level possible. Here are some of them:

1. This method increases your metabolism.

The "5 meals a day to lose weight" method can improve your body's fat metabolism. A good metabolism enables the body to be more capable of burning more calories.

2. This method helps the body burn calories with the thermic effect of the food.

Eating food frequently within a day revs up the body's metabolism due to the food's thermic effect. This is caused by the significant number of calories required by the breakdown as well as the absorption of food. The thermic effect of foods ranges from 3% to 30% and the thermic effect can be up to 30%. This only means that 30% of food calories, especially those from tuna, salmon, and turkey are burned through digestion. Carbohydrates, especially those fibrous and complex such as spinach, broccoli, green beans, and corn can burn approximately 20% of the calories.

3. The "5 meals a day to lose weight" method helps maintain energy at it's peak level.

It may hard to believe this but eating small amount of meals frequently within a day can give you an energy level which is actually 10 times more than what we get from the normal amount of meals. This suppresses our hunger pangs and cravings because we have a consistent balanced level of blood sugar.

4. This method is a great way to build muscles

By eating 5 meals a day, you will notice that building and maintaining muscles becomes a lot easier. The more muscles you develop the faster and more regular your metabolism becomes. Muscle growth through frequent meals is possible by regulating the insulin levels as well as by providing a consistent flow and production of amino acids in the muscle cells.

The "5 meals a day to lose weight" method is indeed effective and poses a lot of benefits not only because it improves the body's metabolism but also because of the increase it can give in our energy and the improvement of muscle growth. The surprising thing is that we can have regular and healthy metabolism, great level of energy, and great muscles without even having a fat deposit. Now, with all these benefits, don't you think it's the right method to try if you want to lose weight?

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