An Outstanding Observation and Several Things to Consider

This may sound like an obvious question, but hold on a second. Is it to hear great things being said about your brand and products? For the market and the media to hear great things about your products? Is it to check a box and show senior management you have customer stories? Is it because a PR or marketing agency tells you to?

Solve a Problem

I would argue that it's not any of these things or rather that none of these are the primary objective. Its about creating content the market whether prospects, existing customers or anyone else finds compelling.It has to be something that addresses a problem people have. So it's all about showing how a customer solved a problem (or problems) that many others have using your product.This is what people care abouthow to solve real world business problems. Not how great a product is or how great a customer thinks it is. And not about XYZ features in this new release. Those things are nice, but not interesting to people.

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Engage the Market and Drive Action

Truly informative content that helps people solve a problem (or multiple problems) is the type people will view, act on and even pass on to others.You, as the vendor providing the solution, are just the enabler and almost incidental to the solution. But doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of marketing your brand and products?

Create Real Value, Not an Infomercial

It doesn't and here's why. If you create something overtly marketing-ish, people instantly sense it and generally lose interest. Oh, it's another infomercialgoodbye. But if it's real, valuable information they will stay tuned and engaged. And that's what you want. These engaged viewers will realize that your product was a key element to the success. They will then look for more information and take action. And again, they may pass the content on in their social networks. Or, even better, key influencers like industry bloggers, analysts or the press may pass on your content.for they are also engaged by solutions to real world problems.And it's this social amplification thatreally generates awareness and interest in your brand and at the lowest cost.

Internal Stakeholders Have Different Goals

I was inspired to write this post based on a great article called When You Look at Your Case Studies, Who Do You See? In the article the author discusses the conflict of interest by stakeholders of customer case studies. Internal people like top executives often just want to hear great things being said about the company and product managers want to hear great things spoken about their specific product and at a detailed feature level. But customers, prospects and the market overall, for whom case studies and success stories are written, don't get much value from this. They don't care about this. And in the end they are who matter.

Set Expectations Internally

So all of us in the practice of capturing and sharing customer success stories need to manage the expectations of internal stakeholders. We need to educate them as to the primary purpose, goals and characteristics of a successful customer success story. Dont get me wrong. Its nice if customers are passionate and say great things about your company and products as this does provide some credibility, which is important. However it does not engage them and make them want to act.

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