House Cleaning Business Success Story

Lilian | October 9, 2022

Hi, I’m Lilian from House Cleaning University

I started a house cleaning business 5 years ago. At that point in time, my husband and I didn’t have much in savings. Bills were starting to add up and we didn’t know what to do. It felt like we were never going to get ahead. Things were so bad that we considered selling our home in order to pay off deep but deep down inside, I knew selling our home wasn’t the solution. We needed to make more money and we needed to make it fast.

After many nights brainstorming some options, I thought of my mother. My mom used to clean a few homes a week and as I child she would take me with her in the summer. I remember dusting and collecting garage and the truth is … that I really enjoyed it. When we were all done she would give me $5 dollars and I would be the happiest kid in the world. When you’re 10 years old …$5 dollars is a lot of money 😊

Why house cleaning? The hours are perfect, No evening or weekends. You have the option to scale the business as big as you like.

When I first started cleaning I remember being so nervous and not knowing where to start. I remember the first home I cleaned. I hired one cleaner who clearly had no experience and convince my neighbor to help me. I even had print outs of what each of us was in charge of cleaning. The client had complained about a couple of missed areas, and I offered to re-clean the whole house by myself since I didn’t want to start off with an unhappy client. I would drive myself crazy and even had dreams about missing certain areas or a fridge. I have personally cleaned thousands of homes and have learned so much.

New customers was call me and sharing there terrible experiences with their previous cleaners and when I started hiring cleaners I couldn’t believe that they were had no idea what they were doing and the scary part is is that they were coming from other cleaning companies.

Through House Cleaning University I will share with you all the tricks, tips and tactics I’ve learned to grow my cleaning business to make over $2000 every week!

With thousands of hours of cleaning experience behind me, you’re also going to learn how to clean like a pro, so your customers never leave you and refer you to all their friends and family.

I truly want you to succeed and so I’m going to share everything with you.

A lot has changed since starting the cleaning business. We have cleared all debts. We have a growing saving account of worry about money is gone. I can’t explain the amazing feeling of not having to worry about money. It’s a level of freedom that I have never experienced. You don’t have to think twice about going out to a fancy dinner, purchasing something new for the home or planning a weekend get away 😉

If you’re stuck at a dead end job, bored with your career, out of work , or just looking to make some extra money to clear debt, than starting a residential cleaning business could be your ticket to freedom and a better life.

About Lilian

Hi, my name is Lilian and I run a successful house cleaning business that makes over $2,000 every week! Learn step by step exactly how I did it by CLICKING HERE