House Cleaning & Maid Business Logo Design

Lilian | December 10, 2019

House Cleaning Business Logo Design


Your house cleaning company logo is a visual representation of your cleaning business brand. It is an expression of your vision, purpose, appeal, and degree of professionalism.

Your logo is also perhaps the most visible, vital and enduring part of your residential cleaning business, and should be planned and designed with care. Once you make your choice and have been using it for any length of time, changes become very difficult, as you risk confusing the client base that has become accustomed to seeing it.

Your house cleaning logo is made up of a variety of elements, mainly:

Text – Your cleaning company name displayed in a stylish, clear, and professional looking format

Graphic – A carefully chosen and specifically designed symbol or icon that sums up the essential qualities of your residential cleaning business and conveys its unique strengths.

Color – the unifying design mechanism that ties your logo to the rest of your house cleaning company image and evokes an emotional response from viewers.

When combined, these elements (and various others) help to establish your house cleaning business brand identity stylishly, professionally, and hopefully, powerfully. The perfect combination will make a positive first impression, elicit a feeling of trust and satisfaction as customers search for your brand, and inspire an attitude of respect and trust among other professionals in your industry.

Remember that your house cleaning business logo is just one facet of your brand building strategy – don’t expect it to be the entire campaign – but when it!s well designed and circulated, you!ll see that it!s a crucial part of your overall business success.

Successful House Cleaning Logo Design

You want your new residential cleaning business logo to have as professional an appearance as possible and to function as an effective representation of your company. Making these design principles a part of your cleaning logo creation process will help you to emerge with a final product that will make your business proud and profitable for decades to come.

Principle #1 – Choose simple over complicated when it comes to both color and design. Overly elaborate cleaning logo designs might make pretty page art but can actually hurt your business by failing to leave a quick, accurate and lasting impression on your viewing audience.

Consider the popular logos that you see every day, in fact, spend a few days noticing them as you go about your life as usual—driving, reading newspapers and magazines, viewing television and websites for recreational purposes. When you see a logo that really reaches out and grabs your attention, write it down. Keep going until you’ve got a list. When you review them, you’ll probably notice that they share a simple but attractive design with a splash of color and the ability to stay in your memory.

Principle #2 – Continue the simplicity trend when choosing the text for your home cleaning logo. Pick a font that is familiar to the eye and very easily readable. Again, examine your list of everyday logos from Principle #1 and you’ll see that the best fonts are clear and simple, with open spaced characters, usually of san serif variety. Avoid italics; they are notoriously difficult to read, especially in small font sizes. Popular choices include Arial and Verdana.

Principle #3 – Express Yourself! Think of your home cleaning or maid logo as your company’s graphic signature, in a world where clashing and competing graphics make up a huge part of the everyday visual life of consumers (you’ve likely experienced this phenomenon while compiling your list of favorites); the last thing that you want is a disconnected logo that confuses your audience. You need to build into your cleaning logo a close relationship between the essential nature of your business and the design that introduces your company to the world. Again, examine the logos you see every day and you’ll see how they relate to the purpose, mission and “personality” of your company. If they do not, you’ll see a real-life example of why it’s so important to follow Principle #3 as closely as possible.

Principle #4 Leave an Impression. How big is your cleaning company’s advertising budget? Chances are, if it is new, you have little to spare. Make your resources go further by devising a maid or house cleaning logo that begs a second look from your target audience and increases the level of recognition with every view. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need an original unique design that clearly stands out from the rest of the pack. This is not as difficult as it might seem – it requires thought, time, and planning along with reliance on established design rules and a clear understanding of your cleaning company’s purpose and its vision for the future.

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